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The Pink Sunset Print

The Pink Sunset Print

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Experience tranquility with our 'Pink Sunset' poster – a simple yet stunning photograph of a serene sea, bringing soothing calmness to any room.

Behind The Lens

One day, I decided to go on a trip to the coast. I wanted to see the sea and feel the breeze. I packed my camera and tripod, hoping to capture some beautiful moments.

I arrived at the beach just before sunset. The sky was painted with pink and purple hues, and the water was calm and clear. I walked along the shore, looking for a good spot to set up my camera.

That’s when I saw them. The rocks that looked like hippos. They were scattered in the water, some close to the shore, some far away. They looked so real, so lifelike. I felt a surge of joy and wonder.

I quickly set up my camera and adjusted the settings. I wanted to take a long exposure shot, to create a dreamy effect. I pressed the shutter and waited for a few seconds.

When I looked at the result, I was amazed. The photo was stunning. It looked like a scene from a fairy tale. The water was smooth and silky, and the rocks were like hippos basking in the water. The colors were soft and warm, creating a cozy atmosphere.

Key Features

• High-quality 250 gsm Photopaper
• FSC-certified paper (ethically sourced from sustainable sources)
• Material is sourced in Germany


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