Reasons Why Your Photos Look Boring

Reasons Why Your Photos Look Boring


There are photos that get attention, and there are photos that seem boring and mundane. The easiest way to give your photos a spark is to break the viewer's pattern. Below are listed a few ways to make your photos seem more interesting.

Always have in the back of your mind that photography is not about following the rules. Take the advice but use it only if you want to.

1. Boring Angles Produce Boring Photos

One of the main reasons your photos turn out boring is that you always shoot from eye level, like a tourist. Try exploring different angles by shooting from low to high for a superhero shot or getting really low to the ground.
why are your photos boring and how to make them interesting

2. Consider Editing Your Photos

What might be holding you back from shooting interesting photos is your editing style or the lack of photo editing. Try to shift reality a bit, you're not broadcasting the news.

You can add or shift the colors, crop your photos differently or go black and white and you might find your style through adjusting the sliders.

how to make my photos interesting

3. Add Layers To Your Photos

Start implementing the idea of ''Layering''. You are probably familiar with the concept of background, now it is time to start using foreground elements to create depth in your photos.

Try to break your photo into three layers. The foreground layer, the subject layer, and the background layer. If you can identify these three layers in the following photo, you are good to go.

how to make your photos interesting

4. The Lighting In Your Photos Isn't Inspiring

There is no such thing as bad lighting, but perhaps there is boring lighting. Avoid shooting during noon or when the sun is too strong and overhead.

Try shooting during the sunrise or during the sunset where the sun is low. The quality of the light, the colours and shapes of the shadows can lead you to some interesting-looking photos.

How to take interesting photos

5. Common Focal Length 

You might need to start exploring different focal lengths. Most people shoot with a focal length between 25-75mm. Because this range is so popular, most viewers are accustomed to these types of visuals.

Here's the key, by changing your focal length and going to extremes, you can break the pattern and capture their interest. Try using an ultra-wide or telephoto lens and start being creative.

💡 Tip

If you are hesitating to buy an ultra-wide lens, you can experiment with Action Cameras.

By doing so, you will get a different perspective and a camera that you can use under any circumstances.

6. Lack Of Storytelling In Your Photography

Your photos might feel boring because there is no story behind them. They might look like corporate portraits. Try to add elements that can give hints about what happened before your shot or what will happen after. Add visual notes to guide the viewer's imagination.

Give this exercise a shot. Look at the following photo and try to find objects that help you create a story about the subject.

how to make your photos interesting

7. Stop Trying To Save Photos In Editing

We must admit that some of our photos are not that great. The light is flat, the composition is uninspiring, and our camera settings were off. Trying to save these photos in editing will most likely be a sunk cost.

Sometimes we edit to fulfill our ego. Some photos can't be saved, so at least save your time.

In Conclusion

There are many ways to make your photos interesting, a different perspective always seems more intriguing than the mundane. Experiment with editing styles and gear until you find your sweet spot, and don't forget that photos have a story to tell as well.

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