Are Action Cameras Worth It?

Are action cameras worth it?

Are Action Cameras Worth It?

Yes, especially for those who dislike the responsibility of carrying a heavy camera but still want to capture excellent photos and videos wherever they go, an action camera might be the ideal choice.

Action cameras offer a blend of entertainment and simplicity. It's often said that "the best camera is the one that's with you," and action cameras align with this idea due to their exceptional portability and durability.

What is an Action Camera?

Action cameras are compact and portable devices with a robust design. Equipped with wide-angle lenses, they excel at producing high-quality photos and videos, enhanced by advanced image stabilization.

These cameras provide numerous mounting options, ensuring a hands-free shooting experience. Additionally, their waterproof capabilities make them versatile tools suitable for various environments, both above and below the water's surface.

What is an Action Camera?

What Is an Action Camera Used For?

Action cameras are incredibly versatile devices that perform well in almost any situation. Your creativity sets the boundaries. To help kickstart your ideas, here are a few suggestions, but don't limit yourself to these.

Action Cameras for Vlogging

Action cameras come with a wide-angle lens, ensuring you remain in the frame while filming yourself. Their small and lightweight design is advantageous, they won't attract attention, and you can record for extended periods without tiring your hand. Additionally, you can film while walking without worrying about shaky footage, as modern action cameras provide excellent stabilization.


If you're planning to start vlogging with an action camera, consider investing in an external microphone. It can significantly enhance your audio quality and overall vlogging experience.

Action Cameras for Traveling

Take your action camera with you when you travel. Capture city streets, landmarks and mountains. Action cameras are tiny and lightweight, so you won't even feel like you're carrying a camera.

Camera Used For Vlogging.

Action Cameras for Sports

Action cameras are designed for action! Attach one to your helmet for biking or to your chest for hiking. This will provide a unique perspective of your activities, making your sports videos engaging and fun to watch.

Action Cameras for Beach and Water Activities 

Bring your action camera to the beach and capture all the fun of your summer vacation, both on land and underwater. Action cameras are built to work underwater, allowing you to capture stunning photos and videos.

Action Camera Used For Underwater Photography.

Action Cameras as a Second Camera

Your action camera can also serve as a backup camera. Use it to film behind-the-scenes moments, bloopers, or provide a different view for your videos. This adds interest to your content and engages your viewers.

Action Cameras for Time Lapses

A fantastic way to showcase your creative process is by creating a time-lapse video of your progress. Action cameras, with their wide-angle lenses and compact design, are extremely valuable for this purpose. Artists can document their creative journey, while travelers can capture their adventures. The possibilities are limitless.

Can Action Cameras Be Used for Photography?

Yes. Certain action camera brands, like GoPro, now offer the option to capture photos in RAW format. This provides greater editing flexibility compared to regular .jpg photos.

If you enjoy street photography or prefer lightweight equipment, you have an intriguing option. Instead of carrying an extra wide-angle lens, you can conveniently use your action camera.

Action Cameras Used for Street Photography

Action Cameras VS Smartphones

A common question that arises is, "Why not just use my phone?" Nowadays, phones feature great cameras and are often more convenient to use.

However, when it comes to action cameras, phones fall short in terms of durability and usability. Additionally, phone cameras might not be as impressive as they seem, especially considering their high cost.

As mentioned earlier, the best camera is the one you have with you. Now, consider this: Would you bring your $1500 iPhone with you while scuba diving or attach it to your helmet for rock climbing or motocross?

In Conclusion

Action cameras are versatile devices with unique capabilities. Easy to use and highly portable, they offer unparalleled convenience and flexibility.

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