What Is The Exposure Triangle?

Exposure Triangle In Simple Words

The exposure triangle refers to the relationship between three fundamental elements in photography: Shutter Speed, Aperture and ISO.

By manipulating these three, you can effectively manage the exposure of your photographs.

Both of these three settings control the exposure of your photos, but their impact is not limited to that. 

For instance, when your photo is underexposed and requires more light, any of these settings can be employed. However, each of them comes with its own set of side effects.

A Few Side Effects

Shutter Speed

Using a longer shutter speed to gather more light might lead to motion blur, as the shutter remains open for an extended period. On the contrary, using a faster shutter speed to capture movement can result in a darker image. 


Selecting a wider aperture to increase light intake could result in an out-of-focus photo, as it reduces the depth of field. On the other hand, using a smaller aperture opening, to increase depth of field can make your photo darker.


Lastly, if you decide to make your photo brighter by using a higher ISO, you may end up with some noise.
What is the exposure triangle?

Which Setting Should I Adjust Depending On The Scenario?

Here are some real-life scenarios along with recommended settings.


If you want to capture motion in sharp detail, start with the desired shutter speed, then set the aperture. If the photo is still underexposed, increase the ISO.

Landscape Photography with a Tripod

When there is no motion, you don't have to worry about motion blur. In this scenario, ensure that the desired aperture is set to keep everything in focus. Aim for the lowest possible ISO and adjust the shutter speed until you achieve the desired exposure.

Portrait photography

To achieve a pleasing creamy Bokeh effect in your photos, start by selecting the appropriate aperture. After that, aim for the lowest possible ISO and adjust the shutter speed accordingly, while ensuring there is no motion blur. If the resulting photo is still too dark, consider increasing the ISO.


To enhance your workflow speed while ensuring consistent depth of field and exposure, give the Aperture Priority mode a shot.

In conclusion 

The exposure triangle is the relationship between Shutter Speed, Aperture and ISO.

By adjusting these three settings, photographers can control the exposure of their images while considering the desired artistic effects.

Balancing the above is crucial to achieve proper exposure and to capture the desired visual outcome for a given scene or subject.

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