What Is Aperture Priority?

What is Aperture Priority?

Aperture Priority In Simple Words

Aperture Priority is a semi-automatic exposure mode in which you select the Aperture, and your camera automatically adjusts the shutter speed and ISO.

How to Switch to Aperture Priority Mode?

Locate the mode dial, typically it's positioned on the top of your camera and features an array of symbols and letters that correspond to different shooting modes.

Rotate the dial until you spot the option labeled as "A" or "Av"

Aperture priority on a camera

When Should I Use The Aperture Priority Mode?

If your primary concern is maintaining a fixed depth of field or always using the same aperture, you may want to consider using the aperture priority mode. 

Aperture priority mode offers an excellent opportunity for tourists and street photographers to concentrate on their subjects while leaving the technical intricacies of photography behind.


To consistently achieve a creamy background effect, enable the Aperture Priority mode on your camera and select a wide aperture. This will ensure a Bokeh regardless of the circumstances.

Aperture Priority and ISO

When using the aperture priority mode, it is recommended to also adjust your ISO. For instance, adjust your ISO to 100 when capturing photos in a well-lit environment. To ensure minimal noise levels. 

By doing that, your camera essentially adjusts only the shutter speed to achieve the "correct" exposure.

Aperture Priority and Shutter Speed

By utilizing Aperture Priority and maintaining a fixed ISO, your camera will solely adjust the shutter speed to achieve proper exposure for your photo.

In low-light conditions, the camera may select a slower shutter speed, which could result in a blurry image.

In such circumstances, you have two options: either adjust your ISO (and introduce some noise to your photo) or set a wider aperture (and reduce your depth of field).

The choice is entirely up to you.


Don't worry too much about noise, as it is easier to ''fix'' a photo with a slight amount of noise compared to a photo with unintended motion blur.

In Conclusion

In aperture priority mode, you choose the aperture and frame your shot.
Your camera automatically calculates the appropriate shutter speed and ISO.

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