How To Take Great Photos With Your Phone?

Phone photography. How to Take Great Photos

How To Improve Your Phone Photography?

Improving your phone photography can be achieved through various methods, but let's focus on the two most significant approaches.

The first method involves utilizing your phone's Pro Mode, while the second method revolves around Editing your photos.

What is Pro Mode?

Pro mode is a feature on your phone's camera app that lets you control various camera settings that can influence the exposure and overall aesthetic of your photos. Think of it as operating your camera in manual mode.

How to Switch to Pro Mode?

To access Pro Mode, open your camera app, locate the "More" section, and select "Pro".

how to capture nice photos with my phone


Each phone has a unique interface, yet they all follow the same logic.

If your camera lacks a Pro Mode, don't worry. You can download applications from your app store to get the same functionality.

An excellent starting point is ''Lightroom'', an app that's primarily for editing but also doubles as a camera app, as we'll explore later.

If you'd like to use Lightroom as a camera, simply head to the "Edits" section and tap on the camera icon. Just make sure you're in Pro Mode.

how to capture nice photos with my phone
phone photography. lightroom mobile pro mode.

What Settings Can You Adjust in Pro Mode?

In Pro Mode, you can adjust settings like:

Additional settings might be available based on your specific device. Feel free to experiment.
    how to capture nice photos with my phone


      Some phones allow you to choose from 2-3 fixed Apertures. These phones are usually on the more expensive side.

      How to Use Pro Mode

      To get started, adjust the exposure settings. In a well-lit environment, begin with a low ISO around 100, and then set your desired Shutter Speed. If your photo looks too dark, increase the ISO. Also, if you want to change the mood of the photo, try adjusting the White Balance.

      The possibilities are endless. Your imagination is your only limit.

      Creative Ways to Use the Pro Mode

      Pro Mode serves as a tool to express your creativity. There are certain situations where using Pro Mode can significantly enhance your photography.

      Long Exposure Photography

      You can capture long exposures of almost anything: waterfalls, the sea, moving cars, or even stars.

      To do this, stabilize your phone on a tripod or a steady surface. Focus on your subject, set your ISO to 100 and experiment with Shutter Speeds around 3- 5 seconds.

      Depending on the subject and the lighting conditions, keep adjusting your shutter speed until you're satisfied with the result.

      how to capture nice photos with my phone

      Enhanced Sunset and Dusk Photos

      With the Pro Mode, you have the opportunity to enhance your sunset and dusk photos. To do this, switch to Pro Mode and once you've set the exposure you want navigate to the White Balance setting.

      Choose the Custom White Balance option and adjust the slider based on the aesthetic you desire for your photos.

      how to capture nice photos with my phone

      Editing your Photos

      Once you've taken your photos, the next important step is editing.
      Editing offers you a second chance to show your style. This is where you can give your photos the aesthetic you want and make them uniquely yours.


      It is highly recommended to edit your photos, but it's not a must. If you're satisfied with how a picture turned out when you took it, there's no need to edit it.

      The Right App for Photo Editing

      Lightroom stands out as one of the most widely used and effective apps for editing photos.

      Start with the free version where you can make exposure adjustments, color grading, sharpening and more. Only upgrade if you feel it's necessary. The free version is powerful enough, especially if you're taking your first steps into photo editing.

      Lightroom logo displayed below.

      how to capture nice photos with my phone

      In conclusion

      You can improve your phone photography by utilizing the Pro Mode. With Pro Mode, you have the ability to manually adjust your camera settings. 
      Additionally, you can give your photos your own special touch by editing them with Lightroom.

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