What Is White Balance?

White Balance In Simple Words

White balance is a camera setting that determines the accurate representation of white color in your photography and allows you to adjust the temperature of your photos.

How Does White Balance Affect My Photos?

White balance helps your camera interpret the color temperature of the light source and make adjustments accordingly.

By setting the appropriate white balance, you can achieve more accurate color reproduction and prevent an unwanted color cast from affecting your images.

Also, it allows you to create the intended mood, whether it's warm and inviting, cool and calm, or something in between.

Below, you can see the same photo captured with different white balance settings.

Various white balance settings

White Balance Settings

You will observe several white balance settings available, such as Auto White Balance, Daylight, Fluorescent, and more.

Depending on your surroundings, you can choose one of these settings.

For instance, when outdoors on a sunny day, it is recommended to use the Daylight setting.

If you are in an area with fluorescent lighting, opt for the Fluorescent white balance.

For general photography purposes, the auto white balance is sufficient as it performs remarkably well nowadays.

Additionally, there is a Custom white balance option.

What is white balance in photography and White Balance Symbols


Custom White Balance

The custom white balance uses something called the Kelvin scale to measure colors. Think of it like a thermometer for colors – lower numbers mean warmer colors like sunlight, and higher numbers mean cooler colors like a blue sky. Daylight usually scores around 5500K.

Photography is a means of self-expression, so feel free to experiment with the custom white balance during sunsets or during twilight hours.

What is white balance and Kelvin Scale in photography

In Conclusion

White balance is crucial for accurate color representation, setting the right mood, and ensuring your images look visually appealing.

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