How To Be A Bad Photographer

how to be a bad photographer

Bad Photographer's Checklist

1. Avoid Practice

Remove ''practice'' from your routine. Take photos only when you travel. This way, you will ensure that your photos look mediocre. Don't forget to complain about the weather not being perfect for you to go out.

2. Blame Your Gear

Blaming your gear can lead you to achieve your goal of becoming a bad photographer effortlessly. Remember, other photographers take better photos because they have better gear than you do.

How to be a bad photographer

3. Skip Photo Editing

By doing that, you are making it easier to take bad photos because you're skipping the opportunity to fix them. This step is very important, but many bad photographers tend to skip it.

4. Do Not Study Your Camera

Don't learn every setting and button. Ensure that you remain unaware of the capabilities of your gear so that you can easily blame it.

How to be a bad photographer

5. Don't Learn The Basics

Don't bother with learning the basics or a bit of theory. The Exposure Triangle? Forget about it. Just spend your time wondering why your photos never turn out the way you expected.

6. Leave Your Camera At Home

You don't have to carry your camera. You are just going for a hike, use your phone. You have been there before anyway.

How to be a bad photographer

7. Don't Take Care Of Your Gear

Don't take care of your gear. Remember, your gear isn't that good anyway. Upgrade to the latest camera.

8. Don't Experiment

Keep doing the same thing for years. Avoid taking the risk of trying something new, you might end up with a fresh idea.

how to be a bad photographer

9. Do not Shoot in Raw Format

Why shoot in RAW? You are not going to edit your photos anyway. Just apply an Instagram filter and you will be fine.

10. Never Accept Feedback

They don't understand your art. They are normies, you are avant-garde. (Besides, they don't have cameras anyway).

How to be a bad photographer

In Conclusion

Being a bad photographer these days it is not that easy. There are so much resources and educational material. Make sure you stay focused on your goal. 

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