Why Does Your Face Look Weird In Photos?

Why Does My Face Look Weird In Photos?

Lens And Face Distortion

Every lens can produce a slightly different photo of your face. Close-up photos taken with wide-angle lenses may distort your face in an undesirable manner. Using lenses around 50mm can make your face appear more true to life.

Why You Might Look Weird In Selfies

As mentioned earlier, close-up photos taken with wide-angle lenses can distort facial features. Since many selfies are captured using smartphones, which often come equipped with front-facing cameras featuring wide-angle lenses, being closer to these lenses can exaggerate facial features.

For instance, your nose, being closer to the camera, may appear more pronounced.

How To Fix It

The easiest way to fix it is to use lenses with a focal length that complements your face, such as 50mm and above. This will ensure that your facial features are not disproportionately distorted.

Focal Length

Better Selfies

Phone cameras have lenses that distort our faces as well, but since we cannot change the lenses of our phones yet, the second-best thing is to hold our phones away and zoom in. 

Yes, hold your phone away from your face and zoom in.

Unflattering Light

Harsh lighting, shadows, or unflattering light can impact how your face appears in a photo. Good lighting can enhance your features, while poor lighting may create unflattering shadows.

This scene from ''Sparkles and Wine'' depicts how important the lighting is.

face looks weird in photos

Racoon Eyes

Raccoon eyes occur when the light source is too high and too harsh, causing a shadow under your eyes, making you look like a raccoon.

The easiest way to solve this problem is to tilt your head upwards or use proper lighting to fill in the shadows.

Halloween Face

The Halloween face occurs when, in a dark environment, you have a light source facing upwards toward the face of the subject, creating shadows and giving the subject a Halloween-like appearance.

You can achieve better results by altering the direction of the light source.

face looks weird in photos lighting

Tip 💡

A great number of photos that you see are edited without you realizing it.

Comparing yourself to influencers, who have a team that specializes in editing their photos to make them appear perfect, can have a negative impact on your confidence.

face weird in photos

In Conclusion

Every time you take a photo of yourself, it's rendered and processed in a different way. Lenses and software can alter your appearance. Also, your nose is not that big.

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